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The Chances To Reduce Global Warming

Chances To Reduce Global Warming  

Climate change undermines nearly all Sustainable Development Goals

Geneva, 14 September 2023 – At the half-time point of the 2030 Agenda, the science is [...]

Visualizing climate change’s wrath: Global warming’s dire impact on Earth explored

A dizzying array of weather and water data this summer illustrates alarming changes in Earth’s [...]

$2.7 trillion problem: Huge investment needed to stop 2.5C global warming by 2050, warns Wood Mackenzie

Limiting global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius by 2050 remains a target that the world’s [...]

Kenya wants to pioneer a new African approach to global warming

On September 3rd William Ruto drove himself to a curtain-raiser for the Africa Climate Summit [...]


The world is currently on a 2.5-degree Celsius warming trajectory ‘if transformative action is not [...]

Global Warming Solutions Inc. to Showcase Sustainable Energy Innovation at OCEANS 2023 Gulf Coast

Temecula, CA, Sept. 14, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Global Warming Solutions Inc. (OTCQB: GWSO), a [...]

Climate change undermines most of the sustainable development goals – WMO

The world is far from meeting its climate goals and this is seriously undermining efforts [...]

World heading for 2.5°C global warming

Low carbon power supply and infrastructure must accelerate as part of transformative action, says Wood [...]

Fantastic free weekend of sustainability, creativity and community spirit at Festival of Thrift’s first Billingham event

Festival of Thrift’s spectacular free weekend celebration of sustainability, creativity and community spirit is heading [...]

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